Just saying hello and goodbye

Hi as you can tell it’s been such a long time since I posted on here. In fact I had forgotten about it until someone I work with got into a conversation with me about it yesterday.

A very quick update. I am no longer swinging or picking up women. I am happy in a ‘vanilla’ relationship.

As to whether anything like swinging will return to my life at some point I cannot say it will or it wont. I will just say que sera sera.



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A whole new day game

You may have wondered why, after such an explosive start to swinging my blog has pretty much died a death, well I’m still standing, still fucking and still having fun. I still play with T now and again when we get the chance and I have started playing with M again. I have a new account on fab and have a few seeds of conversation planted which may or may not lead to meets but above all of that I am currently studying the Venusian art of daygame and pick up. I am reading books and watching videos of  some of the UK’s and worlds leading PUA’s (Pick up Artists).

Now, whether this will be something I pursue and throw myself into as much as swinging, or whether it will be something I can use in addition to I’m still not sure at this stage. Either way, , from the evidence I’ve been presented with and the theory and structure of the game it does sound like something I can do.

If I find I can use it, I may decide to switch my blog as my gut feeling is this is completely different to swinging (apart from the sex of course) but for now I will continue on this blog updating as and when.

Oh and if you want to say hello, I’ll be on the site under my username optic.


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Que Sera Sera

Looks like it didn’t take me long to make a decision. It was made for me. I asked M for the key back to my house and she took that as we were over completely, no once a week, no more feelings, over. Walk away to save my feelings so I could go and find happiness. Like ending it was doing me a favour.

Wow, I only asked for my key back but she’s given me my freedom back too. I didn’t even get the chance to really explain why I wanted it back, could have just been changing the locks, but her response was an instant ok. So quick in fact that anyone with a cynical mind would say, considering the way she has been these last few weeks, that she had been waiting for me to ask.

Such is life. Looks like my old rocking chair test won’t need to be taken after all.

Now then, what shall I do tonight? 😉

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A quick update from the author

Wow, how time flies when you’re having fun. It has been just over a year now since I began my adventures in swinging, as you can see from my posts the first few months were super intense, I was having more meets and sexual encounters than I knew what to do with (well, almost). That calmed down a lot in february when I moved into my new flat and I focussed my time on my two main fuck buddies and the odd trip to clubs here and there.

Again this calmed down even further at the end of July when I moved home again, closer to my kids and I decided to spend more time trying to build a relationship with M.

If you don’t know our history, here it is in brief:

This is taken from my original fuck buddy v1 post dated 19/11/11

when I got home, M and I exchanged a series of texts.

She told me that she had to take a break from me, she needed time to assess things. Initially I thought it was because I had cut our meet short but after a few more texts she eventually told me that she was getting attached and had feelings for me beyond just FBs.

Wow, not expecting that. So I had to respond.

I told her that if things were to progress she would have to accept my lifestyle, that I would continue having sex with others, that I would still be going to the club, I would not live with her, well not at first, and that if she wanted to try it she could but I would not change for her.

This is taken from from my next post about her on 30/12/11

Seeing her again and I was instantly in the mood to play. We got to mine and we talked for a good 20 minutes as she explained how she was wrong to expect anything more than sex from me as it really wasn’t possible and I explained that I actually felt I wanted more than just sex but I know it’s not possible either. She was, with hindsight, glad we had the break so she could put things into perspective. I was, with hindsight, gutted as I felt I had lost someone very important to me.

When I broached the subject of sex, as it was not something I had planned for but now hoped for, M was happy to play providing she was given the title of chief fuck buddy.

Taken from 18/1/12

M, my chief fuck buddy and I, have had our ups and downs (literally) since then but the other day I got a text from her saying she thinks she might be in love with me. And rather than panic, run away feelings, I actually felt happiness.

Taken from 2/5/12

I’ve been getting my new flat sorted out and in a relationship with M, my former fuck buddy turned girlfriend, unfortunately now turned ex for both.

I won’t talk about what happened or reasons why we ended on here other than to say it wasn’t going in the direction I wanted it to so it was better for both of us to walk away.

Am I coping? Well, I’m a bit gutted to be honest as I had started to fall in love with M but I’ll cope. I’ll find something else to occupy my time.

Taken from 03/06/12

Well call me a glutton for punishment but as you may have read, dotted about here and there throughout my blog I refer to M, my long standing fuck buddy, whom I tried a relationship with. Our relationship did not work unfortunately, however since we called it a day, there has been such a strong magnetic like pull towards each other. We tried the no contact approach but it didn’t last and we couldn’t stop. We tried the let’s be friends approach but again the intense sexual chemistry between us when we met was just to much.

As for where we stand with each i refer you back to my fuck buddy v1 post and simply say que sera sera


Ok so now you’re up to date other than to say since June things have been going really well, we’ve been seeing each other more and more, my new house is a lot closer to her and she even has a key so she can come and go as she pleases (obviously with prior agreement).

This last week though something has changed, I’ve felt M has been acting differently towards me, the tone of her texts have changed and something just isn’t sitting right.

Well after having a lengthy discussion with M at the weekend, even though things have been going well it would appear that a relationship is really not on the cards at this stage, and while that is the case I’m faced with a dilemma.

Do I sit patiently as her fuck buddy? spend 6 nights a week on my own in my new home and spend 1 night a week with her, hoping that one day a miracle happens and she decides she will commit to me. This is what she wants and has told me that much as she would like to commit, it’s unlikely this will happen at any time soon.


Do I decide to move on, try to put my feelings aside, reactivate my account on fab, get back into the scene and if she wants to continue to see me on our 1 night a week then that is fine but that is all it is.

All of my friends are saying I should do the latter and if she chooses not to carry on with out weekly meet then I should move on, they on confident that I can move on, meet someone and be happy.

I always like to make my decisions based on the rocking chair test, not sure if I’ve covered this before on here, basically I imagine myself sitting on a porch, over looking a prairie when I’m old and grey (ok older and greyer)and I sit and look back on my life. I try to make my decision on whether what I’m about to do will give me a happy memory, something I will enjoy and will put a smile on my old wrinkly face or whether I will sit there regretting it and wishing I’d made another choice.

Usually I will know pretty much straight away what choice to make, the problem is with this one, I really don’t know.

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Just when I thought..


Wow,  I hadn’t been on for a while until yesterday when I quickly scribbled a few lines down for my June Review. Some part of me had decided to step away from swinging. Feelings of low self worth were creeping in and I felt I didn’t really fit in to the lifestyle anymore. So while I wasn’t running away to be in a relationship I just kind of felt I had done everything there was to do and it was time for a break.

I had met up with T on Tuesday and told her it would be difficult to continue playing with her if I was off the scene and that it would be unfair of me to ask her to continue to play with someone who was not a swinger,  so after a very sad farewell I returned home upset and wondering where the next chapter of my life would take me.

I guess it didn’t take me very far because when I was adding my June Review post yesterday I noticed that I had a comment pending on one of my posts waiting my approval.

Well well well, you never guess what it was. Just when I thought I had pretty much written my last post……

I’VE WON AN AWARD!!! The Versatile Blogger Award.

Ok, well my blog has won an award but WOW!! I’ll take the credit.

I didn’t really think anyone was actually reading it anymore let alone for someone to take the time and actually pass on an award for my writing is a real honour (even if it is only a green picture, it’s my green picture).

Apparently with awards come great responsibilities and there are certain rules which are:

1. Add the award to your blog – done

2. Thank the blogger who gave it to you and include a link to their blog – see below

3. Mention 7 random things about yourself – covered on my How, Who, Why page.

4. List the rules – done

5. Give the award to 15 or more bloggers – Work in progress as I do not know 15 yet but I will make a special post soon to cover this off.

The best thing about the award is the person who has awarded me this is not even someone I know. A man called puzzledpartner . A fellow blogger who is going through a year of living in an open marriage at the request of his wife. I’ve not even read his blog properly yet so I really feel so humbled that he has awarded me this and mentioned my blog on his post.

So I now have a duty to puzzledpartner and all of my other readers (if there are any more out there) to continue living the lifestyle that so many people are envious of allowing them to live their life vicariously through me. It’s a hard life but while I’m not in a relationship with anyone there is no reason not to continue starting with trying to apologise to T and hope that she can forgive me.

Guess I need to sort out what I’m wearing on Saturday for the next swinging social event. Who knows maybe puzzled would like to come along and meet everyone?

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June Review


Well June has been a relatively quiet month for me and swinging. I have only played with M and T, both of whom have been mentioned numerous times throughout the past posts.

As well as Fuck Buddy v2, M and I played out a Dom and Sub night which involved M being the sub.

As well as the no pain, no gain post, T and I have played a few times including a threesome at the Rocky Horror party at the swingers club with another guy, S, where T was indeed a wild one.

I have also played with another lady, G, at the same party in an intense 1 on 1 sex session..

I’ll leave it at that as my memory is hazy and I’m just writing this post while sitting at work but that kind of brings me up to date.

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No pain, no gain.

I have a couple of non-swinging friends who live close to me and on Sunday morning I met up with them to do some outdoor fitness training.  What I failed to appreciate is the guy is a MMA cage fighter so basic training to him is extreme training to me. Since then I have been in agony, every muscle in my body has been screaming in pain and I can hardly walk.

Last night, I had arranged to meet with T and when I picked her up, she brought with her a bottle of massage oil. We sat and chatted for a while then, seeing the plight I was in we adjourned to the bedroom so she could give me a full body massage.

I stripped naked and lay face down on my bed, T undressed to her underwear and straddled my back and she poured some of the oils into her hands and began. For the next half hour/ 40 minutes or so, she proceeded to work her magic hands all over my body, every single muscle receiving a deep, therapeutic and highly erotic massage.  At times, it was painful, very painful in fact as my muscles were extremely tight and knotted but for the majority of the time it was absolutely amazing.

At one point T was sitting over my ankles, working the back of my thighs and quads, I don’t know exactly what she was doing or how she was doing it but it felt like she had a million fingers pushing down each leg, I could not tell where her actual hands were as I experienced, what can only be described as an orgasm in my legs, tingling turned to vibrations, feeling like a torrent of warm rainfall pouring onto my legs, more powerful than any shower head. At the same time it felt like her tongue was licking each leg simultaneously.  I’m usually pretty good with descriptive words but trying to explain this I am completely lost for words that can do it justice.

When I turned over to lie on my back it was clear that I was enjoying my massage, but undeterred T  straddled me and continued to work my chest and arms, I was under her control, a complete submissive. This was not normally how we played but I resisted the urge to do anything.  To massage my thighs, T turned around and positioned herself over my hips. My hard cock was pressed and squeezed between her hot wet pussy lips, separated only by her thin black lacy underwear as she squeezed and kneaded my aching thighs.

T eventually turned round to face me leaned forward and kissed me. I pulled her knickers to the side and she slid herself slowly down my throbbing hard shaft. Still relinquishing control I lay there as she slowly lifted and lowered herself feeling every inch of me inside her. The scent of the massage oil filling the room as we embraced tightly, kissing each other non-stop while she rode me, faster and faster, harder and harder, only parting our heads momentarily to catch our breath, panting and sucking in as much air as we could before continuing to kiss. T’s hips rocking back on my cock which was now swelling up ready to climax. As she felt me building up, T began to moan and looked me dead in the eye and told me she was about to cum. I tried to hold back as much as I could as she got closer and closer until we both couldn’t hold it anymore and as T came hard, I exploded and filled her up with my hot spunk.

What started with a deep tissue muscle massage, ended in a wild fuck session where we both came together and throughout it all I could not move and did not have any say in what was happening.

If this is what happens when my body is agony, bring on my next training session.

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